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La Perlina Moscato Veneto Igt Italy Nv 750Ml


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La Perlina Moscato Veneto

Are you searching for a sweet, easy-drinking wine? If the sun is out and you feel like spending the day in the shade of the pergola, make La Perlina Moscato Veneto a part of your afternoon. This wine originates from "La Perlina," part of the "Puglia" region in Italy.

This sweet Moscato is light and delicious, making the ideal dessert wine or a fantastic afternoon sipper for those wone-lovers with sweet tastes. La Perlina translates to "little pearl," and the town's name receives its inspiration from the myths of the Mediterranean.

It's easy to see why this wine is so popular, offering you easy drinking on a hot day. As you share a bottle with friends on the patio, the sweet taste of the Moscato lends to creating a Mediterranean atmosphere to the afternoon.

La Perlina is a hand-selected blend featuring the finest grapes grown on coveted regional sites at high altitudes. The La Perlina Moscato Veneto is a sweet, delicate white wine featuring soft, aromatic bubbles that dance around like little pearls.

One of the most popular Moscato's is La Perlina Moscato Veneto, and it's gaining traction in the market thanks to its amazing flavor and smooth drinking characteristics. It's the ideal afternoon chiller for a hot summer day.

While La Perlina Moscato Veneto is a premium Italian wine, it comes with an affordable price tag, making it excellent value for money. We describe it as peachy and deliciously sweet, with a clean and crisp finish. Serve your La Perlina Moscato Veneto chilled.

La Perlina Moscato Veneto – 

An Italian Legacy

Italy is the home of the Moscato and many other wine varieties like the Amarone, Chianti, and the Prosecco. 

The country has a considerable wine heritage extending back over two millennia. La Perlina Moscato Veneto continues that legacy, drawing its inspiration from the Azure Adriatic Sea close to Venice.

The Puglia region around Italy has some of the higher altitudes in Italy. The grapes in every bottle of La Perlina Moscato Veneto grow at higher altitudes than other white varieties. As a result, La Perlina Moscato Veneto comes with plenty of character and a natural poise that's simply outstanding.

The Puglia region produces some of Europe's most sought-after wines, with only Spain and France managing to come close to the Italians reputation for producing premium wines. The Moscato, or Muscat, is one of the most established grape varieties in the world.

The grapes enjoy Mediterranean climates, with warm days and nights and mild winters. La Perlina Moscato Veneto continues that Italian tradition of master wine-making, bringing you one of the best sweet wines available.

La Perlina Moscato Veneto – 

A Versatile Sweet Wine

From the moment you pop the cork on your bottle of La Perlina Moscato Veneto, the distinctive aroma of sweet grapes fills the air around you, tantalizing your nose while exciting your senses.

La Perlina Moscato Veneto is a versatile wine, suiting a sweet wine drinking experience that pairs well with desserts and cheeses or just as a casual drinking wine for the afternoon.

Some wine connoisseurs might find the sweetness of the La Perlina Moscato Veneto somewhat grapey, but the low acidity in the wine makes it a surprisingly smooth drinking experience.

La Perlina Moscato Veneto 

– Tasting Notes

Pouring yourself a glass of La Perlina Moscato Veneto, you'll notice its light, pale yellow color that catches the sunlight. The wine appears to have a delicate, soft perlage to it, with amazing clarity and movement in the glass.

The La Perlina Moscato Veneto nose reminds one of stone fruit and ripe citrus, creating a mouth-watering effect on the mind. There are notes of nectarines and sweet peaches, with an unmistakable scent of orange blossom.

The La Perlina Moscato Veneto offers the casual wine drinker a double-barreled finish that's smooth and full of flavor. When taking the wine glass to one's lips, the first sip is sweet, wrapping you up in a sweet mid-palate taste experience with a crisp and clean finish.

As you sip the La Perlina Moscato Veneto, you'll notice the soft white bubbles rise to greet your lips, offering a silky-smooth wine that's deliciously sweet.

We recommend pairing your La Perlina Moscato Veneto with fig or honeycomb-topped crostata or a copper or sfogliate. La Perlina Moscato Veneto is the wine of choice for bringing out the flavors in desserts and cheeses; it's also a great addition to an antipasto.

La Perlina Moscato Veneto FAQ

Can I age my La Perlina Moscato Veneto?

 We recommend ordering and drinking your La Perlina Moscato Veneto. This wine isn't the best choice for storage, and you won't see any benefit from aging the wine in a cellar. Instead, you might end up with corked bottles and wine that tastes like it has a light vinegar edge to it. Drink your La Perlina Moscato Veneto to order

What is the best way to serve La Perlina Moscato Veneto?

We recommend serving your La Perlina Moscato Veneto chilled. This sweet wine needs that chilled edge for you to enjoy the flavor and taste experience in each bottle. Drinking the wine at room temperature creates a crowded and somewhat sticky mouthfeel, removing its refreshing edge.

Why is Italy famous for its wine?

If you open a bottle of La Perlina Moscato Veneto, drink it on the same day. This wine is great for sharing with friends, and chances are you'll go through more than one bottle!

However, La Perlina Moscato Veneto does keep well in the fridge for up to a week after opening. We recommend keeping the cork in the bottle and stand it up straight in the fridge, so the wine doesn't come in contact with the cork.

How long will my La Perlina Moscato Veneto last after opening?

Italy has a reputation for producing some of the most diverse grape and wine varieties. The country is a leading producer of wine, bottling over 1.06 billion gallons and year. Italy has over 197,700 acres of vineyards stretched across its lands.

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