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Ciroc X (Ten) Vodka France 1L


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Ciroc X Vodka

Are you looking for the ultimate premium vodka experience? Cîroc X offers you the best there is from the brand. Cîroc rose to infamy in the last five years, with rap superstars and social media influencers promoting the brand in their work.

If you have no idea why the brand is such a big seller, then you haven't experienced the Cîroc difference for yourself just yet. From the moment you lay eyes on a bottle of Cîroc X, you'll understand this is not your average vodka.

French Crafted Vodka Perfection

Unlike other vodka brands, Cîroc chooses to produce its vodka from grapes. The brand owns French wineries and grape plantations in the wine-bearing region of France. What makes Cîroc X exceptional is its use of the first harvest of grapes from its 2013 vintage. The first harvest is always the crispest and sweetest of the year.

The Cîroc grapes grow in the highlands of the Gaillac region in France. The grapes receive natural rainfall and organic growing practices, producing some of the most flavorful grapes for use in Cîroc vodka products.

The innovations in French vodka distilling uses the cold fermentation practice, something of a unique phenomenon in the world of vodka distillation. Cîroc ensures that they follow a time-tested distillation process that yields the smoothest, most sought-after vodka in the world.

Seven-Times Distilled

Anyone that's had the pleasure of sipping on Cîroc knows that this smooth vodka gets its refined appeal from its distillation. Traditional, Cîroc distills their Ugni Blanc and Mauzac Blanc five times over. However, with Cîroc X, the company had to go all out. The result, a seven-times distilled vodka that has to be some of the smoothest sipping vodkas on the planet.

Every bottle of Cîroc X comes with 40% ABV, and it's available in 1-liter bottles. Let's talk about the presentation for a second. A glance at the bottle of Cîroc X leaves you breathless.

It's crystal gleaning in the light, and the deep blue-purple color theme speaks back to you, letting you know this is a premium product. The presentation is excellent, making it the ideal choice for a wonderful gift for a friend, boss, or business partner.

The Cîroc X bottle is absolutely mesmerizing, featuring a circular design akin to a high-end brandy decanter. Every time you pour yourself a shot of Cîroc X, the bottle reminds you that you're about to enjoy a premium vodka experience.

Removing the lid, you feel the weight of the bottle in your hand, and it's a true collector's piece for real Cîroc fans and premium vodka enthusiasts.

 The Smoothest Aroma and Aftertaste

From the moment you take your first sip of Cîroc X, you know this will be a superior vodka experience. The subtle hint of mint with a sweet, clean finish and notes of vanilla is amazing. The creamy taste and mouthfeel of this vodka are what you would expect in a top-shelf blend.

Cîroc X is, as you would expect it to be, smooth, with a neutral finish and a somewhat uncomplicated spirit that's simply outstanding. Cîroc X doesn't burn like other vodka brands going down. When it's ice-cold, you'll barely notice any burn, just a cold, smooth fish that's somewhat warming.

When opening the bottle and pouring a shot, you'll find that the scent of the vodka is subtle, not like the heavy methanol aromas you get with other vodka brands. The smell is clean, with a touch of vanilla, but it's not overpowering.

Bering that this vodka comes from grapes and not grain, it's missing that instantly recognizable grain pinch in the nose. However, we can't say that we miss that, and if you're looking for sipping vodka, Cîroc X is an excellent choice.

Hold your glass to the light, and swirl the vodka in your tumbler. You'll notice how it clings to the sides of the glass while remaining free of bubbles; that's a classic sign of a high-quality spirit vodka.

Cîroc X in Mixed Drinks

Cîroc X is not for mixing. Sure, you could throw it in a screwdriver if you wanted to, but we would say that's something of a waste of this premium brand.

Cîroc X is best for sipping, neat or over ice. Trying it with a soda or tonic water might be a good way to enjoy a premium experience in these drinks, but we wouldn't use it in cocktails.

That said, it's up to you how you want to enjoy your bottle of Cîroc X, have it any way you like it.

Cîroc X Vodka FAQ

 Is Cîroc X available in any other size other than the 1-liter bottle?

No, unfortunately, Cîroc X vodka is only available in a 1-liter bottle. It might be pricy, but it's a premium vodka experience and something every vodka enthusiast needs to try.

The price tag on each bottle is steep, but it's a premium product available at a premium price point. Go ahead, treat yourself; you deserve it.

Is Cîroc as good as other Russian premium vodka brands?

Yes, Cîroc vodka can hold its own against all the Russian premium brands. Cîroc is on the same level as Absolute, a premium vodka with an amazing taste, flavor profile, and smooth finish.

Cîroc uses a seven-time distillation process for producing its Cîroc X vodka. ?The result is the smoothest mouthfeel and a neutral flavor with a touch of mint and a warm finish.

How is Cîroc vodka different from other vodka brands?

 Cîroc is unique to the vodka industry because it manufactures its vodka from grapes, not grain-like many of the Russian brands. Cîroc claims this practice leads to a smoother taste and flavor profile and less hangover the following day.

Cîroc harvests its grapes from vines in the Gaillac region of France, known for its reputation of producing some of the most delicious French champagnes. Cîroc brings these same flavors and quality control methods to every bottle of Cîroc X it distills.

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