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Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco 750Ml


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Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco

Voted "Best Blanco Tequila" by Epicurious, Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco is known for its crystal clear, glacier water like appearance that every silver tequila should strive for. This tequila, which comes in a high quality box, retails at a slightly high price point for a blanco. But don't fret, Casa Dragones Blanco is bound to exceed your expectations! Oprah even included it in her 2014 "Favorite Things" List and when has she ever been wrong about a product?

San Miguel de Allende - The Spiritual Home of Casa Dragones

San Miguel de Allende, a colonial-era city in the central highlands of Mexico, is considered the "Spiritual Home" of Casa Dragones. The inspiration behind the name Casa Dragones came from the Dragones of San Miguel de Allende- the queen's cavalry who led the movement that ignited the Mexican Independence. Casa Dragones embodies the spirit of independence of the Dragones by crafting uniquely smooth sipping tequilas. 

Under every bottle of Casa Dragones Tequila is the number 16 which represents September 16, 1810. On this day, Mexico declared its independence from Spain. This number is also the address of La Casa Dragones, the old stables of the Dragones dating back to the 17th century, now utilized as the Casa Dragones tasting room where they educate travelers from around the world on the unique tequila making process.

Each crystal bottle of Casa Dragones demonstrates the brand's commitment to Mexican craftsmanship. The bottles are hand crafted and hand engraved by one of very few Mexican artists who specialize in pepita, a traditional engraving technique. The bottles are so beautiful that they have even garnered the Grand Prix Strategies du Luxe awards, making it the first Mexican tequila brand to ever win this award. 

san miguel de allende

Casa Dragones - A Commitment to Crafting Exceptional Tequilas

Casa Dragones is created in small batches to accommodate for the time and expertise that is necessary to craft each bottle of tequila. This focus on strict quality control standards for each bottle ensures that every batch of tequila is of the highest quality possible. Contrary to many tequila brands, the quality amongst Casa Dragones Blanco, Casa Dragones Joven, and Casa Dragones Barrel Blend never waivers. 

100% blue agave plants cultivated 1200 meters above sea level in Jalisco, Mexico are used to craft Casa Dragones Tequila. The soil in the Valley of Tequila, which resides on the Trans-Mexican Volcano Belt is semi-arid and semi-humid, perfect for growing beautiful agave. The Weber blue agave plant are all hand harvested after at least 7 years of maturing. 

Every bottle of Casa Dragones Tequila is the product of classic Mexican tequila making techniques altered slightly with a sustainable, innovative process. The pure liquid extraction method that is used to produce the tequila is recognized by the Tequila Regulatory Council as one of the most sustainable in the industry. The mineral rich spring water that is used comes directly from the Volcano of Tequila and combined with the modern filtration system used in distilling, gives Casa Dragones Tequila super clear hues and smooth, clean taste. 

The same attention to detail that goes into crafting the bottles is also applied to the barrels. Casa Dragones collaborated with one of the most respected cooperages in France to determine the perfect wood blend for the barrels in which the Casa Dragones Joven and Casa Dragones Barrel Blend are aged in. Casa Dragones Joven rests in New American oak barrels while the Casa Dragones Barrel Blend (añejo tequila) matures in both new American oak and French Oak barrels.
blue agave field in Jalisco, Mexico

Casa Dragones Blanco - 

"The Best Blanco Tequila"

Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila is a 100% pure blue Agave blanco tequila. Due to the lack of aging needed to produce silver tequilas, this tequila in particular focuses heavily on the purity of agave flavor. This blanco tequila is very crisp and somewhat sweet with hints of pepper and cloves. It is easy to enjoy on the rocks but was actually created to craft cocktails!

This blanco is best known for its crystal clear color that is a result of the intense distillation process using fresh, mineral rich spring water from the volcano. The aroma of this blanco tequila is fresh and herbaceous carrying subtle notes of green apple and grapefruit. 

The flavor of this blanco tequila can turn someone who doesn't like tequila into a tequila lover. Upon tasting Casa Dragones Blanco, you can expect heavy agave flavor, which shines through thanks to the innovative production process, containing hints of spice and a subtle sweetness. The clove and pepper tasting notes give the tequila warmth. 

The finish is bright and crisp with hints of almond, allowing this sipping tequila to go down with an extremely smooth taste. 

Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco - 

An Award Winning Silver Tequila

Named by Epicurious as the "Best Tasting Blanco", Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila is of the highest quality across all benchmarks from flavor to look. While it sells at a slightly higher price than most blanco tequilas, this one is worth it! If you enjoy the silver tequila, you're bound to enjoy Casa Dragones Joven which is a blend of 100% Blue Agave silver and extra aged tequila. 

If you are ever in the San Miguel de Allende area and want to experience a true sipping tequila tasting, make sure to check out the Casa Dragones tasting room. Casa Dragones is guaranteed to become your favorite tequila.

Casa Dragones FAQ

How do you drink Casa Dragones?

Casa Dragones Blanco was created specifically for crafting cocktails but is also smooth enough to enjoy on its own, neat or on the rocks. Casa Dragones Joven and Casa Dragones are both best enjoyed on the rocks.

Are there any adverse affects to consuming tequila?

Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. Drink responsibly.

What does Casa Dragones mean?

Casa Dragones is named after La Casa Dragones which were the stables that belonged to the Dragones or the Queen's cavalry. 

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