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Campo Azul Tequila Blanco 750Ml


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Campo Azul

If it's tequila time, then you can't go wrong with a Campo Azul; it's versatile in cocktails or as a standalone sipper. We recommend going with the Selecto Blanco or Anejo Reposado for sipping or mixing for those tequila aficionados that enjoy silky-smooth, well-rounded tequila.

Campo Azul is a true Mexican spirit, produced in Jesús María, Jalisco (20km southwest of Arandas). The tequila maker, Productos Finos de Agave, S.A. de C.V., is the same manufacturer responsible for producing the Tequila Alacrán and Casamigos brands.

Every bottle of Campo Azul is something special for the sophisticated tequila drinker.

Campo Azul – Selecto

Campo Azul Selecto has international acclaim as a leading premium tequila brand. Every bottle comes with the finest blue agave ingredients and time-tested distilling practices. Traditionally, tequila is a working man's drink with a rough, strong finish.

However, Campo Azul tequila isn't like any tequila you've ever enjoyed before. There's no bite and petrol aftertaste that you get with traditional Blanco tequila brands. Campo Azul is smooth, full of flavor, with a subtle, almost sweet aroma.

Campo Azul Selecto has a special place in bars worldwide, from LA to NYC, to Tokyo; you'll find Campo Azul Selecto available at any establishment serving premium drinks.

Campo Azul – Smoothing Out Silver Tequila

The last time you had a shot of tequila, it probably came with a bite that left you wincing as you bit into that slice of lemon to kill the aftertaste. Don't worry; tequila does that to everyone well; most tequilas do anyway.

Campo Azul Selecto brings you a range of Blanco and Anejo tequila that's so smooth; you might confuse it with a fine malt whiskey. When you take a sip of Campo Azul, the peppery and citrusy flavor of the agave comes alive in your mouth, without any unpleasant aftertaste and a smooth, warm finish.

Both the Blanco and Anejo tequilas are the products of exceptional distillation practices. Tequila Campo Azul Gran Clasico puts its tequila through a triple distillation process to produce some of the smoothest tequila in the world.

The first part of the distillation process involves partial production using stainless steel ovens to release the potent properties of the agave. The column distillation process provides the tequila with a smooth finish.

The second method of the distillation process involves diffusing the grade of methanol spirit and its content in the tequila. Diffusing makes the tequila easier for the stomach and digestive system to handle, reducing the effects of hangovers – something that every tequila drinker will agree is an improvement.

The final stage of the distillation process involves using brick ovens and a traditional still to bring out the rich flavor of the blue agave and the lively aroma of one of the world's finest tequilas.

A Taste of Mexico

Every sip of Campo Azul tequila is a flavor experience that you'll treasure forever. Give the bottle a flip, and you'll notice the bubbles in the tequila. Look at the way it clings to the glass as it runs down the inside of the bottle. These properties are classic traits of the finest tequila brands and a sign of the best blue agave in the world.

Cracking the bottle open, the scent of premium agave fills the air with that typical Campo Azul aroma. Whether you're enjoying a Campo Azul Selecto Blanco or a Reposado Anejo, the strong agave tones of the tequila fill your nostrils and excite the mind.

The Classic Campo Azul bottle

Order a Campo Azul at any bar, and you'll instantly recognize the bottle. The classic bowl design of the bottle is squat, making it suitable for placing on the table. Traditional tequila bottles are tall, causing drinkers to set them on the floor where someone might know them over.

The shorter bottle allows it to sit on the table while giving everyone a line of sight with each other. Campo Azul truly is the tequila for conversation and good times.

The Campo Azul tequila range comes in 750ml and 1.75-liter bottles, with an ABV between 38%-40%.

Campo Azul Mixers

Campo Azul Selecto is an outstanding sipping tequila, but it also makes for a special margarita. Try it with your favorite cocktails and experience a smoother finish that amplifies the other ingredients in the cocktail.

The Superior Choice for Straight Sipping

If you're planning on ordering a bottle of Campo Azul, get ready for some fine sipping. Unlike many other tequila brands that require you to hit a shot, Campo Azul is more for sipping than shooting.

Pour it over ice in a whisky tumbler, or enjoy it neat. Every sip feels smooth, with the full blue agave flavor on your lips.

Try a Bottle of Campo Azul Today

If you're looking for a sipping tequila at an affordable price, pick up a bottle of Campo Azul Selecto Blanco or Anejo today. You'll find it hard to get another tequila to give you such a smooth drinking experience.

Campo Azul Selecto Anejo and Blanco FAQ

Who owns the Campo Azul brand?

The Burke Distributing Corporation owns the rights to the Campo Azul brand. However, the company ensures that every bottle of Campo Azul adheres to the founders' time-tested distillation processes.

 Is it a waste to use Campo Azul in cocktails?

Some tequila enthusiasts say that using Campo Azul Selecto in cocktails is a waste of tequila. We say, do it any way you like! Campo Azul tastes great in cocktails, giving you a smoother fish to the drink that accentuates other ingredients.

How long does tequila age for in the distillation process?

Reposado tequila will age for up to 12-months in oak barrels. Joven tequila will age in oak for between two to twelve months. Añejo tequilas age for up to three years in oak barrels.

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